Altai State Medical University

established in 1954

Altai State Medical University is the first institution of classical education in Altai. It has rich traditions, fame and high intellectual potential. They involve students in the development of university. They try to be creative in implementing the ideas based by its founders. Their aim is to raise highly educated and thoughtful people, to help them open up, to reveal the most of their abilities. The university is not only a place for learning and research, it provides an opportunity for self-realization in art studios, ensembles and interest groups, development of leadership and an active life stance in public organizations, and sports. 

The University takes care of their students’ interests to understand their creative potential. There is a separate Department of the Educational and Extracurricular Activities in the University. There are various activities that include sports or cultural events and holiday celebrations. There is a Students League, a social organization of the Altai State University students. This department offers the best opportunities to share ideas for organizing the leisure time. Through this, the University serves to discover new talents and they are always open to suggestions and comments of their students.


There are amateur performances within the University Student Club Legion. Anyone can volunteer to show their creative potential and skills. It also provides information about concerts, competitions, and festivals held in the University. The students who are interested in drawing, writing (poetry, prose, informational and entertaining articles), graphics, and photography are welcome in the “Strings of the Heart” which is a club for poetry and bards. There is an annual competition of Poetic Debut in the University. There is a photo contest held for the students who are fond of photography. The students can also write for the University newspaper for Science and can take part in publishing of photomontages and wall newspapers.

Tuition Fee – 4000$/Year

Hostel and Mess Fee – 2000$/Year

One Time Charge – 1500$

Indian Processing Fee – 2500$

One Time Charges Include – Admission Letter, Invitation Letter, Visa Processing, Documents Apostle, Translation & Legalization and Airport Pick up, etc. 

Indian Processing Fee Include – Counseling Fee, Admission, Visa & Travel Assistance, one way Air Fare for Student & all consultancy related to student’s admission procedures.

At Altai State Medical University, there are three hostels situated in the center of the University. Also, there is a separate Foreign Student Hostel for the foreign students. There is a separate floor for girls in the hostel. These three hostels have kitchen, washrooms, and bathrooms with hot and cold-water accessibility. Since these hostels are situated in the mid of the city, all the public transport routes are easily accessible to the most important destinations. There are various playgrounds, reading halls for students and teachers. The hostel is fully centrally heated during the winters.