Fujian Medical University

established in 1937

Fujian Medical University (FJMU) was founded in 1937. With the mission of creating and nurturing a diverse community of elites who are “diligent, prudent, truth-seeking and innovative”, for over 70 years, it has developed an integral education system offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree programs. In 2003, FJMU was approved by Fujian Provincial People’s Government as one of the key universities for priority development. 

Fujian Medical University attaches great importance to international students education. Fujian Medical University has opened English Medium Programs of Medical Bachelor/Undergraduate Degree (including MBBS), Master/Postgraduate Degree and Doctoral /PHD Degree to international students. Since 1998 it has enrolled more than 500 international students. Since 2008 Fujian Medical University has been listed as the university which is qualified to recruit the foreign students of medicine taught in English by National Education Ministry.


Fujian Medical University has 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 12 non-directly affiliated hospitals and 32 teaching hospitals. A flawless net of clinical teaching and practical teaching base has been formed. The four directly affiliated hospitals are The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Fujian Medical University Union Hospital and The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Fujian Medical University. These affiliated hospitals provide international students with medical training and clinical rotation to lay the foundation for their qualification as a doctor after graduation.

Tuition Fee – 35000¥/Year

Hostel Fees – 4000¥/Year

Mess Fee – 6000¥/Year

Indian Processing Fee – 2,50,000

Indian Processing Fee Include – Counseling Fee, Admission, Visa & Travel Assistance, one way Air Fare for Student & all consultancy related to student’s admission procedures.

Fujian Medical University offers international students great on-campus accommodation. Double rooms are available for international students and the roommate could be assigned by the University or chosen by the international student after reaching the University. Separate floor accommodations are provided for male and female. There are rules and regulations for accommodation, students shall read carefully after reaching the University.


The hostel building equips with private bathroom with 24 hours hot water supply, air conditioner, Internet access, landline, TV, required amenities and furniture, laundry and kitchen.