Strength is in Unity !

Georgia is one of the most exciting and stimulating countries in the world. Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia also has a distinctive mission that continues the traditions of its well established universities which has well equipped facilities that are eminent abroad to achieve their full potential education for personal development. Georgia is one of the most exciting and stimulating countries in the world.

Georgia is located in the south Caucasus, while some parts of the country are located in the North Caucasus. The country lies between latitudes 41° and 44° N, and longitudes 40° and 47° E, with an area of 67,900 km2 (26,216 square mi). It’s far a totally mountainous country.

Georgia’s climate is affected by subtropical influences from the west and continental influences from the east. The Greater Caucasus range moderate local climate by serving as a barrier against cold air from the north. Several varieties of palm trees grow in these regions, where the midwinter average temperature is 5 °C (41 °F) and the midsummer the average is 22 °C (71.6 °F). The plains of eastern Georgia is shielded from the influence of the Black Sea by mountains that provide a more continental climate. Summer temperatures average 20 °C (68 °F) to 24 °C (75.2 °F), winter temperatures 2 °C (35.6 °F) to 4 °C (39.2 °F).

Georgians do not fit into any of the main ethnic categories of Europe of Asia like most of the native Caucasian peoples. The language of Georgia is the most pervasive of the Kartvelian languages and it is not Indo-European, Turkic or Semitic. In the present-day Georgian or Kartvelian nation is thought to have resulted from the fusion of aboriginal, autochthonous inhabitants with immigrants who moved into South Caucasus from the direction of Anatolia in remote antiquity. Kartvelian family is one of the most widespread language groups which include Georgain, Svan, Mingrelian and Laz but the official language of Georgia is Georgians with Abkhaz having official status within the autonomous region of Abkhazia.

Georgian culture evolved over thousands of years with its foundations in Iberian and Colchian civilizations, continuing into the rise of the unified Georgian Kingdom under the single monarchy of the Bagrationi. Georgian culture enjoyed a golden age and renaissance of classical literature, arts, philosophy, architecture and science in the 11th century. Georgia is well known for its rich folklore, unique traditional music, theatre, cinema, and art. Georgians are renowned for their love of music, dance, theatre and cinema.

In Georgia, transport is provided by rail, road, ferry and air. Total length of roads is 20,533 Kilometers by excluding occupied territories and railway is 1,576 kilometers. Georgia is a key country through which energy imports to the European Union from neighbouring Azerbaijan pass as it is positioned in the Caucasus and on the coast of the Black Sea. An important transport artery for the Caucasus is represented by Georgian railways as they make up the largest proportion of the route which is linking with the Caspian Seas and the Black. In Georgia, air and maritime transport is developing day by day with the former mainly used by passengers and the latter for transport of freight.

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System of Education

Higher education institutions offer three levels of study: one is a Bachelor’s program of three to four years, a Master’s Program of two years and a Doctoral Program of three years, plus there is also a Certified Specialist’s Program which represents a single-level higher education program of three to six years. There are almost 75 higher education institutions till 2016 which are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. For the period of 2012-2014, gross primary enrolment ratio was 117 percent which is the 2nd highest in Europe after Sweden.

Study Medicine in Georgia:

Medicine has become one of the greatest and the most sort after courses of study in the whole world. However, there are very few available spaces in the few accredited (WHO) Universities. Georgia is one of the world’s fastest growing countries and the educational system has remained top class. The medical Universities are enjoying a very high world ranking, even higher than most medical Universities in Ukraine and Russia.

Indian Community in Georgia:

Almost 2,500 Indians are already living in the Georgia, almost 1500 of them are studying Medical in Tbilisi State Medical University, and many other public and private universities. Almost 500 are employed by Indian companies involved in the infrastructure sector in Georgia, while others are businessmen, agricultural farmers, and workers.