Nanjing Medical University

established in 19347

Nanjing Medical University, founded in 1934 as Jiangsu Provincial College of Health Policy and Management, is an institution of higher learning with a glorious history and excellent traditions. As early as 1941, it became one of the first institutions in China to admit graduate students. It was also one of the first medical colleges in China to offer six-year medical education programs, and one of the first to be authorized to confer doctoral and master’s degrees in China, as well.

Today Nanjing Medical University is a modern medical education institution with a complete range of disciplines, a strong faculty, and first class research capacities. It has seven first-level discipline doctoral programs, eleven first-level discipline master’s programs, and eight postdoctoral research centers. Its degree programs cover seven disciplines – medicine, science, technology, management, law, education, and literature. The university has three state-level key disciplines and one key discipline for state-level cultivation. It also has one academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one state key laboratory.

Tuition Fee – 34000¥/Year

Hostel Fees – 6000¥/Year

Mess Fee – 6000¥/Year

Indian Processing Fee – 2,50,000

Indian Processing Fee Include – Counseling Fee, Admission, Visa & Travel Assistance, one way Air Fare for Student & all consultancy related to student’s admission procedures.

Nanjing Medical University offers international students well equipped
on-campus accommodation. There are two campuses in Nanjing Medical University:
Jiangning Campus (the campus where international students study medicine for
the first year to the fourth year) and Wutai Campus (the campus where
international students study medicine for the fifth year). Special
international student dormitories are provided to overseas students in both
campuses. All rooms are equipped with air conditioner, water heater, bed,
wardrobe, desk and network interface. The well equipped dormitory building
executes hotel style management.

The hostel building in Jiangning Campus was built in 2011. Building No.7
is the international students’ dormitory. Double room which laid floor with
attached toilet and bathroom is available to international students. Each floor
is equipped with a small student activity room. On the first floor, there is a
medium student activity room, public laundry room and Office for International
Students. Building No.9 has guest hotel where the students’ relatives and
friends can live in.


The international student apartment in Wutai campus was built in 2007.
There is an elevator running 24 hours a day. Double room and three-bed rooms
are available to international students. Roommate could be assigned by the
University or chosen by the student after reaching the University. Separate
floor accommodations are provided for male and female students. Each room is
equipped with independent bathroom and food counter. The international student
apartment is equipped with advanced electronic monitoring equipment and high
quality property management. Students living in school dormitories should
observe Regulations on International Students Dormitory Management. Anyone who
violates the regulations shall be penalized accordingly.