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Canada Announces Special Financial Assistance for Indian Students: King’s University College

King’s University College in London, Ontario, Canada, has established a special financial support grant for Indian students who wish to pursue further education in Canada. The King’s International Student Award for Indian students is worth up to $32,000 Canadian dollars and is accessible to students who apply through the university’s official website, kings.uwo.ca. The prize is intended to attract, promote, and support Indian students who choose to pursue higher education in Canada.

How does the King’s International Student Award work?

The King’s International Student Grant is a financial assistance grant given by King’s University College to attract, promote, and support Indian students who want to study in Canada. The prize is worth up to $32,000 in Canadian dollars and is open to Indian students interested in pursuing undergraduate courses at King’s University College.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship is worth a maximum of $6,500 (Canadian dollars) per year for a maximum of four years for students accepted to the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS). For students accepted into all other degree programs, the value increases to a maximum of $8,000 (Canadian dollars) every year for a maximum of four years.

Who qualifies for the award?

The King’s International Student Award is available to Indian students who have applied for admission to a King’s University College undergraduate program and meet the following criteria:

  • You must be an Indian national or hold an Indian passport to apply.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • King’s University College entry standards must be met.
  • must be able to demonstrate financial need.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Interested students can apply for the King’s International Student Award by filling out the online application form available on King’s University College’s official website, kings.uwo.ca. The award application date is April 1st.

Documents Needed

Candidates must submit the following documents in addition to the online application form:

  • Transcript from High School
  • Proof of English proficiency (if applicable)
  • Financial documentation to support the financial need application
Additional Scholarship Options

In addition to the King’s International Student Award, Indian students may be eligible for the King’s International Entrance Scholarship and the King’s International Continuing Scholarship during their program years.

International King’s College Entrance Scholarship

International students entering the first year of undergraduate study at King’s University College are eligible for the King’s International Entrance Scholarship. The award ranges from $2,500 to $5,000, depending on the student’s final high school grade average.

The King’s Continuing Scholarship is open to full-time overseas students who want to continue their studies at King’s University College beyond their first year.  


The King’s International Student Award for Indian students is an important step towards strengthening Indo-Canadian cross-border connections and increasing talent, intellectual, and cultural interchange between the two countries. King’s University College understands the value of assisting international students in their quest for higher education and is committed to offering financial aid to qualified Indian students.