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Everything You Need To Know About NExT and Update Regulations

This article will provide all the information on the latest update of the National Exit Test (NExT) Regulations, about the NExt like the process, eligibility, syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, question paper, cut off etc.


The current batch’s final MBBS professional course completion date is a hot topic in the medical education industry. The National Exit Test (NExT) Regulations are expected to be finalized soon, with a presentation before the National Medical Commission (NMC) set for June 2023. To facilitate the seamless execution of the National Exit Test (NEXT), a precise assessment of the status of the present batches of the last MBBS professional course in various medical institutions across the States/Union Territories (UTs) is critical.

Current Batches of Final MBBS Professional Course Completion Date

The current batches’ completion date of the last MBBS professional course is significant since it directly influences the timing and organization of the National Exit Test (NEXT). The National Medical Commission (NMC) is actively soliciting reports from medical colleges in each state and territory to establish the likely completion date. The projected completion date of the final MBBS course must be communicated to the NMC on or before May 31, 2023.


Understanding the completion date is critical for efficiently planning the logistics of the National Exit Test (NEXT). The NMC intends to provide a realistic examination timeline to ensure that all students have enough time to study and move successfully.

The National Exit Test (NEXT) Regulations and Their Implications

The National Exit Test (NEXT) represents a watershed moment in Indian medical education. It is intended to replace the present final MBBS examination and the overseas medical graduate examination as a common licensing examination for medical graduates. The National Medical Council (NMC) intends to ensure universal standards of skill and knowledge among medical practitioners by introducing the National Exit Test (NEXT).


The National Exit Test (NEXT) laws will define the future of medical education and licensing in India. The regulations must be finalized in order to provide clarity and advice to medical colleges, students, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Understanding the completion date is critical for efficiently planning the logistics of the National Exit Test (NEXT). The NMC intends to provide a realistic examination timeline to ensure that all students have enough time to study and move successfully.

What is NExT?

The NExT exam, also known as the National Exit Test (NexT), will be held in order to provide admission to postgraduate courses. A licentiate exam is required for undergraduate medical students in India before they can practice. Candidates who have completed their MBBS in India or abroad must pass the exam in order to register with the Medical Council of India. 

NExT Exam Highlights

Some of the highlights of NExT MBBS exam are enlisted in the table below:

Particulars Details
Exam name National Exit Test or NEXT
Conducting body National Medical Commission (NMC) most likely
Exam level Postgraduate exam at National level
Objective Medical License
Session commencement 2024-25
Eligible candidates Final year MBBS students, Foreign Medical Graduates
Exam mode Online
Number of Paper 2
Question Type MCQs, LAQs, SAQs
How many attempt No restriction

Process of the NExT Exam (National Exit Test)

The National Exit Test will be conducted in two stages, NExT 1 and NExT 2. NExT 1 is a theoretical exam, whereas NExT 2 is a practical exam. Candidates who pass Step 1 will be eligible for an internship and then the Step 2 practical exam. NMC will issue an information pamphlet outlining the application process and other important elements about the NExT PG exam.


Step 1 

NExT 1 will be held on a computer and will consist of 540 multiple choice questions. Part 1 and Part 2 of the paper will cover themes from the third year/final MBBS course.Candidates who have finished their third year/final MBBS course from an accredited medical college are eligible to take the examination. NExT MBBS will be held once a year, prior to the III MBBS (Part 2)/Final MBBS preceding Compulsory Rotating Internship.


NExT Step 1 additional exams will be offered once a year, and applicants who failed one or more of the six topics will be able to retake them. The number of attempts in the NExT exam is not limited. The only requirement is that candidates have passed the NExT 1 test within the last ten years of starting MBBS.

Step 2.

The next step will be a practical/clinical and viva exam. The relevant state Health Universities / Institutions will conduct the National Exit Test 2 in person / live. The second paper will cover seven clinical subjects/disciplines. The second paper will be clinical case-based, with simulated cases/patients targeted at testing practical/clinical abilities, clinical decision-making, and communication skills.

Criteria for Eligibility for the NExT Exam

Undergraduate medical students will be able to take the National Exit Test. According to the government rules, some of the eligibility criteria for the NExT test or National Exit Test are as follows:

  • All undergraduate medical students pursuing MBBS at NMC-approved medical colleges


  • All Foreign Medical Graduates who have been approved by the NMC to practice medicine as a registered medical practitioner in India.


  • Any other individual with a medical degree for purposes such as pursuing an academic course, being an observer, or any other purpose authorized and approved by the NMC

Application Form for NExT

Though the exam board has not issued an official announcement addressing the application process, it is expected that NMC will provide an online application form for the NExT 2024 exam. Dates for NExT 2024 application will be announced on the official website. To submit an application for NExT 2024, candidates must first register online. Registration, filling out an application form, submitting photos, and paying a registration fee are all part of the application procedure. Before applying for the NExT PG exam, candidates should ensure that they meet the qualifying requirements. 


Syllabus for NExt Exam

The NExT Syllabus includes six subjects that address clinical, pre-clinical, and post-clinical fields. NExT 1 assesses students’ theoretical understanding in the subjects listed above. The following topics are covered in the NExT 1 Syllabus:

  • Medicine and related fields
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery and related subjects
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology

The Following Exam Pattern Important considerations

  • The test will be divided into two halves, NExT 1 and NExT 2.
  • The theory-based NExT 1 will take place online.
  • In NExT 1, 540 MCQ-based questions from 19 subjects will be asked.
  • NExT 2 will take place just after the internship.
  • NExT 2 or paper 2 will be a practical test administered by the individual state colleges/universities.
  • Paper 1 scores will be valid for two years in order to qualify. Paper-2 practical examination

NExT Exam Marking Scheme

To qualify for the exam, candidates must get a minimum score. The marks in NExT 1 will be calculated as a whole number, which will serve as the Raw Scores with suitable decimals, and corresponding Percentages (marks out of a maximum of 100) will be calculated if necessary. NExT 2 Exam results will only be declared as Pass/Fail depending on the attainment of acceptable competence being examined.


The next paper will be broken into three sections. The theory-based test will be given over three days and will consist of six papers. In NExT 1, 65% of the 540 MCQ-based questions will be centered on problem solving and analytical skills, 25% on understanding, and the remaining 10% on memory. The timetable for NExT 1 is shown in the table below. It should be noted that the schedule provided below is provisional and subject to practicality and logistics.


Days Subjects Number of Questions Allotted Time
Day 1 Medicine & allied subjects 120 180 minutes
Pediatrics 60 90 minutes
Day 2 Surgery & Allied 120 180 minutes
ENT 60 90 minutes
Day 3 Obstetrics & Gynaecology 120 180 minutes
Ophthalmology 60 90 minutes
Total 6 subjects 540 810 minutes

NExT Cut Off

To qualify for the NExT PG exam, candidates must get the minimum cut off marks. The qualifying requirements for NExT 1 and 2 are distinct. 

  • The minimum passing mark for NExT 1 is 50%, or half of the maximum possible raw for NExT Step 1.
  • The criterion for passing NExT Step 2 will be a satisfactory display of competencies, which will be reviewed and reported as a Pass/Fail result.