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Record-Breaking Applications for CUET-PG This Year

The Common Entrance Test for Postgraduate Programmes (CUET-PG) has received an overwhelmingly positive response this year, which is a significant step for individuals interested in higher education. The battle is anticipated to be fiercer than ever with applications reaching a startling five lakh, up from 3.75 lakh in 2022, with universities participating at a rate of 66 to 195. This essay explores the specifics of this extraordinary uptick in applications, the causes of it, and the repercussions for applicants to prestigious colleges around India.

The Increase in Application Volume

An unprecedented increase in applications for the CUET-PG reflects the growing importance of a standardised entrance exam for postgraduate programmes. The number of candidates this year has increased significantly from last year, rising to around 5 lakh, a stunning increase of about 33%. This increase is related to both the increased availability of study subjects as well as the increase in the number of participating colleges.

A Wide Range of Options

The rise in the number of participating higher education institutions (HEIs) is one of the main causes of the spike in applications. Students now have more options available to them, giving them a wider range of options for their postgraduate education. A total of 46 state universities, 101 private deemed universities, and 10 government-funded HEIs have joined the CUET-PG this year, in addition to the 39 Central Universities. This has made it possible for students to apply for up to 20 different fields of study and pick as many HEIs as they want.

Relief for Candidates

For many candidates, the increase in the number of participating universities has been a pleasant relief. Before, students had to take a number of entrance exams offered by different organisations. The procedure has been streamlined and students are now able to save time, effort, and money thanks to the establishment of the CUET-PG as a standard entrance exam for central universities. According to a senior official of the National Testing Agency, the total number of test-takers is anticipated to reach 9 lakh because the majority of candidates are applying for multiple courses.


Examining the Consequences

The increase in CUET-PG applications has wide-ranging effects on both students and universities. Let’s examine the numerous areas that this development has an impact on in more detail.

Increasing Competitiveness

The number of applications has significantly increased, which has increased the level of competition for admission to prestigious universities. Students now need to work harder to stand out from the crowd and get into the institutions they want. To ace the admission exam in light of the rising competition, careful planning, persistent study, and preparation are required.

Making the Application Process Simpler

By centralising the entrance exam, the CUET-PG has streamlined the postgraduate programme application procedure. To cut down on paperwork and administrative headaches, applicants can now submit one application for numerous subject areas and HEIs. This simplification guarantees that students have a more convenient experience while also saving time.

Increasing Possibilities

Aspiring postgraduate students have a wealth of choices now that more universities are taking part in the CUET-PG. Before, students had to choose between their top schools or fields of study due to a lack of possibilities. The current situation, however, allows candidates to consider a larger range of options and pick HEIs that match their academic objectives and career aspirations.