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Bodmas Education – Guidance on Medical & NEET Counselling

We at Bodmas Education are aware of the difficulties applicants encounter  while getting into prestigious medical colleges. Having so many choices makes it challenging to know where to begin. To assist you in navigating the procedure with confidence, we have put together this in-depth Guidance on Admission in Medical. By providing Medical & NEET counselling and right giudance to the candidate.


Welcome to our thorough Medical & NEET counselling assistance. We recognise the value of making well-informed judgements when it comes to selecting the best college for your MBBS and other  medical course admissions because we are professionals in the sector. Everything you need to know about Medical & NEET counselling and admission, from the fundamentals to more advanced strategies,we will assist you in making the greatest selection for your future.

What is Medical & NEET counselling?

The process of choosing the best medical college to complete your degree is known as Medical & NEET counselling. It is an important stage that necessitates careful evaluation of a number of variables, such as the college’s reputation, the calibre of the teachers, and the accessibility of resources. You will be asked to choose your preferred colleges during your  NEET counselling, and you will be matched with a college based on your merit rank and the number of available seats.

Medical & NEET Counselling: Why Is It Important?

A candidate’s course of study and college for the ensuing few years of their life are decided by the NEET counselling they receive. It is crucial to pick a college and a course that match your interests and job objectives. A candidate’s future is also greatly influenced by Medical NEET counselling because it has an impact on their job options and prospects

Steps in NEET Counselling:


Online Registration: Candidates must enter their personal and academic information during the online registration phase of the NEET counselling process.


Choice Filling: Following registration, candidates must indicate the colleges and courses they desire to apply to.


Seat Allotment: Eligible students are given seats based on their NEET entrance exam results and their preferences for college and programme.


Verification of Documents: After a seat is assigned, candidates must visit the assigned college for admission and document verification.


We recognise that seeking advice can be challenging, particularly for individuals who are not familiar with the procedure. To assist you in navigating the procedure with ease, we have created this expert guidance service.


How should you get ready for Medical counselling?

Careful planning and research are required to prepare for the NEET counselling. You can take the following actions to get ready for NEET counselling:

  • Homework of the colleges first. It’s crucial to do your homework on the colleges you’re interested in before you start the NEET counselling process. Look up details about their faculty, reputation, and resources. To learn more about the college, you can also talk to alumni and current students.
  • Gather all of your required paperwork, including your class 10 and 12 transcripts, your NEET scorecard, and any other pertinent credentials.
  • The third step is to review the calendar to make sure you haven’t missed any crucial dates.
  • Attend NEET  counselling meetings- Attend the NEET counselling sessions and be ready to share your college selections.


We recognise the significance of Medical NEET counselling and the Admissions  for students interested in a career in medicine. To assist you in navigating the procedure with confidence, we have put together this in-depth guide. You may reach your objectives and get accepted into a prestigious medical college with the appropriate preparation and direction with our customised personal guidance.



Ques: Is registration for NEET Counselling open?

Ans: Registration for NEET Counselling will open up following the release of the NEET 2023 results. The procedure will be carried out in accordance with the MCC’s schedule for NEET Counselling in 2023.  


Ques: How many counselling sessions will there be in NEET 2023?

Ans: MCC will conduct NEET Counselling 2023 in 4 rounds, comprising rounds 1, 2, and 3. Round 4 will be for any open positions. MCC may conduct additional vacancy rounds if seats are still available. 

Ques: How do I sign up for NEET Counselling in 2023?

The NEET cutoff for 2023 will determine which candidates are qualified for AIQ and state-level counselling. MCC will provide 15% AIQ counselling, while the different state administrations will provide 85% of the state counselling on their respective websites. 

Ques: Is NEET Counselling available online?

Ans. Yes, every step of the NEET counselling process—aside from the college reporting—takes place online. MCC NEET UG Counselling 2023’s online counselling website’s address is mcc.nic.in. 

Ques: What does a clean up round in NEET counselling entail?

Ans: The third counselling round for NEETs is known as the mop up round. It is held for applicants whose seats were not offered in rounds 1 and 2 of NEET counselling. Those who registered in Round 2 and were kicked out with a forfeit of fees may re-register for the Mop-up round. However, people who took part in round 2 but did not receive a seat do not need to register again. 

Punjab has a shortage of doctors; MBBS and MD graduates will be hired at a government hospital

Chandigarh: The Health, Medical Education, and Research Minister, Dr. Balbir Singh, clarified before the State Assembly that newly graduated specialist doctors will offer their services in the government hospitals after completing the postgraduate medical courses. He was referring to the state’s shortage of specialists.

The state’s health minister further emphasised how the previous administration failed to ensure that PG medical graduates from government medical colleges offered their services to government-run hospitals for a period of time and that the bond penalty amount was not collected from them.


The Health Minister also revealed that from 2020 until the present, a total of 701 MD graduates had worked in government institutions after sharing statistics on medical students who received their MD and MBBS degrees.

The State Health Minister also disclosed that 57 doctors had to pay back Rs 6,47,17140 for failing to provide services to the government.

The Health Minister made these pronouncements at a time when some hospitals in the state are experiencing a speciality doctor shortage. Of the 119 authorised positions, 50 vacancies in Phagwara civil hospitals were previously reported by Medical Dialogues. In the instance of the doctor positions, 14 of the 36 authorised positions remained unfilled.


A lack of specialised physicians was also present at Nakodar Civil Hospital in Punjab, where open positions included those for a surgeon, an ENT specialist, a radiology expert, an anaesthetist, a pathologist, and two medical officer positions.

According to the most recent media report by Amar Ujala, the Health Minister acknowledged that there is a shortage of health providers in various hospitals throughout the province and stated that the government is compiling information on the hospitals in every area during the question period in the House on Monday during the Punjab Legislative Assembly’s budget session. He added that doctors would soon be hired for all government hospitals in accordance with their needs.


The Health Minister also told the House that 380 students finish their post-graduate medical studies each year. These PG medical graduates sign the bond at the time of admission, but they don’t follow the terms of the bond; thus, after receiving their degree, they go to private hospitals. In reference to this, Dinesh Chadha, an AAP MLA from Ropar, highlighted how, in the previous ten years, the government authorities had failed to ensure that the PG medical graduates from the state’s government medical colleges provided their services to government-run hospitals for a short period of time. He further said that the state should take action against the government officials who helped these doctors transfer to private hospitals and receive lucrative salaries.


The Health Minister was quoted by Indian Express as saying, “In reference to the fact that the PG medical graduates must serve the government for two years or pay Rs 15 lakh, the previous administrations failed to ensure that these doctors performed their services in state-run hospitals and failed to collect the money owed to them. Negligence in a criminal matter “From 57 doctors who did not work for the government, we have recovered Rs 6.47 crore, and we will continue to recover money from other doctors as well.”


According to The Times of India, the minister promised that the AAP government will make sure that there is never a shortage of specialists in the state. In order to address the physician shortage, he further guaranteed that these expert doctors would provide their services at government hospitals after completing their postgraduate medical training. He continued by pointing out that not a single medical college had opened in the state in the previous 40 years, but that the state government was now building four such institutions.


The Congress MLA Amarinder Singh Raja Warding, meanwhile, made reference to the lack of a doctor at the government hospital in Gidderbaha and emphasised that the facility had seven approved doctor roles. The Health Minister took note of this and promised that he would demonstrate the situation so that doctors would soon be hired at the hospital.