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NMIMS Mumbai Suspends Entire B.Com Batch for Misbehaviour

The management of the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai, Vile Parle campus recently took an unprecedented step and suspended the entire class of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) honours students. 180 second-year students from all three classes of SY B.Com. A, B, and C received the suspension notice due to suspected “misbehavior.”


The staff had complained about persistent disruption and inattentiveness among some students, claiming that it was interfering with their ability to teach, and as a result, they were suspended. The moment one student connected his smartphone to the e-board (system) and began playing music during a formal PowerPoint presentation, however, appears to have been the breaking point.


While some may think that this is a brave move to stop pupils from acting out, others may believe that it is unfair to punish the entire class for the misbehavior of a few. Numerous students have voiced their displeasure at what they perceive to be “unfairness” and have said that the entire class shouldn’t be forced to suffer in the middle of the semester.


Regrettably, there has been a general deterioration in research and an increase in unethical behavior at institutions across the nation, so this incidence is not unusual. Such incidences have been on the rise, ranging from using unethical tactics and showing disdain for teachers to giving false information during interviews and tests.


By taking advantage of the weaknesses of online interviews and remote proctoring, cheating, disdain for teachers, and lying in examinations and interviews are all on the rise. This emphasizes the requirement for stringent action to be taken to stop such nefarious acts and unethical behaviors. To prevent innocent students from being victimized for no reason at all, it is crucial.


To sum up, even though suspending an entire batch may sound drastic, it sends a strong message to all kids that disruptive behavior won’t be tolerated. Institutions must guard innocent students’ interests while also making sure they are not penalized. Striking a balance between upholding discipline and ensuring the welfare of students is crucial.