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DNB Paediatrics gets provisional accreditation for PG training

The Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute’s Department of Paediatrics has received provisional accreditation from the National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) to provide post-graduate training for DNB (Diplomate of National Board) in pediatrics. This accreditation enables the college to provide training for one seat in DNB-post MBBS and one seat in DNB-post diploma programmes, marking an important milestone in medical education and healthcare delivery.

What exactly is DNB Paediatrics?

The National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences offers a post-graduate medical training programme called DNB Paediatrics. It is intended to provide clinicians with specialized knowledge and abilities in pediatrics. The programme focuses on offering comprehensive training in pediatric disease diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Provisional Training Accreditation

The Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute’s Department of Paediatrics has acquired provisional accreditation from NBEMS for the DNB Paediatrics programme. This accreditation is valid for up to five years and is subject to annual evaluations to verify that the college meets the board’s basic standards.

Opportunities for Training

The college has been granted permission to train one DNB-post MBBS student and one DNB-post diploma student. This opportunity provides medical graduates and diploma holders with the opportunity to acquire specialized training in pediatrics under the supervision of competent faculty in a well-equipped hospital setting.

Curriculum and duration

The DNB Paediatrics programme at Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute is three years long. During this time, trainees will receive intensive instruction in different parts of pediatrics, such as clinical rotations, case studies, research projects, and academic sessions. The programme is intended to provide a thorough understanding of pediatric medicine as well as clinical experience in the management of pediatric patients.


Review of Accreditation

The accreditation given by NBEMS will be assessed annually to ensure the preservation of quality standards. These reviews serve as a method for assessing the department’s performance and ensuring conformity with the established requirements. The college is dedicated to maintaining the highest medical education standards and will actively participate in the accreditation review process.

The Advantages of Accreditation

The accreditation of the Department of Paediatrics at the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute has a number of advantages for aspiring pediatricians, medical students, and the healthcare system as a whole. Among the many advantages are:

  • Accreditation assures that the training given fulfills the highest quality requirements, providing trainees with a thorough and well-rounded learning experience.
  • DNB Paediatrics is a nationally recognised and regarded qualification that enhances graduates’ professional reputation and job possibilities.
  • Access to Specialized Resources: Accredited programmes frequently have access to superior medical facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and research possibilities, all of which enhance the training experience.
  • Accreditation entails rigorous evaluation processes that assist maintain uniformity in training and assessment, ensuring the competency of future pediatricians.
  • Improved Patient Care: Well-trained pediatricians contribute to better healthcare outcomes, which leads to better care for children and their families.