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Kerala: Annual Fee Structure Revised for All Medical and Super Specialty Courses 2023-24 Academic Year

For students accepted beginning with the academic year 2023–24, the Kerala government has announced a reform to the annual price structure for medical, dental, nursing, and super speciality degrees. Both public and private universities around the state will use the updated fee schedule. It is crucial for applicants to keep this in mind when submitting applications to various universities because the change has occurred after a break of two academic years.

Overview of Fees for Super Specialty, Dental, Nursing, and Medical Courses

The following is the updated pricing structure for a variety of courses:


Course Existing Fee (Rs) Revised Fee (Rs)
MBBS 27580 28950
BDS 25380 26640
B Sc Nursing 22070 23170
Post Basic Nursing Degree 25590 26870
Post Basic Diploma in Specialty Nursing 16560 17380
MSc Nursing 38050 39940
PG Medical Degree 77180 81050
PG Medical Super Specialty 156570 164410
PG Dental 71680 75260
GNM 5030 5300


The tuition charge, the caution deposit, the other fees, and the van fee make up the fee structure. The letter includes a full charge schedule, and it’s vital to understand that the caution deposit amount is refundable.

The significance of the revised fee schedule

From the academic year 2020–21 onward, the government last changed the annual price for professional courses at Government Medical/Dental/Nursing Colleges overseen by the State’s Director of Medical Education. The charge is raised once again after a lapse of two academic years. This modification is vital to make sure the institutions have the resources they need to maintain and modernize their facilities and offer students a top-notch education.

Process of Admission and Counselling

The Commissionerate of Entrance Examination (CEE), which was formed in 1983, oversees the counselling and admission procedures for courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and super specialties. CEE’s primary goal is to administer entrance exams and assign students to various professional undergraduate and postgraduate programmes based on merit and racial and ethnic preferences. By assuring open admissions for a range of professional courses each academic year, it also serves as an agency for the Keralan government. Engineering, architecture, pharmacy, law, medical, dental, ayush, nursing, allied courses, and super specialties are among the subjects covered by CEE.


Q1. When does the updated fee schedule go into effect?

The updated pricing schedule will be in place starting with the academic year 2023–2024.


Q2: Does the updated pricing schedule apply to both public and private colleges?

Yes, both public and private universities throughout the state must use the updated fee structure.


Q3. What elements make up the pricing structure?

The tuition charge, the caution deposit, the other fees, and the van fee make up the fee structure.


  1. Is the refundable caution deposit?

The money designated as a caution deposit is, in fact, refundable.


Q5. Who handles counselling and admissions for courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing, and super specialties?

The Commissionerate of Entrance Examination (CEE) oversees the admissions and counselling procedures for these programmes.