The Tashkent Medical Academy

established in 1919

Tashkent Medical Academy is one of those institutions which is known to provide the best education in every field. This University was established in 1919 and from that day till yet, it is known to provide education to students to an extent. In earlier times there were no such medical facilities available. But in 1935 it is known to be the central Asian Medical Institute and also all the latest technologies available back at that time. As time has been passed, modifications have been done at the University, and also so many developmental changes have been noticed here.

The institute offers world-class education at affordable tuition fees. The institute accounts for regional factors like religious freedom, law defence which are critically important for Asian and Latin American countries. With well-equipped classrooms, basic science and clinical laboratories, training centers and clinical bases impart world-class education to young minds.


The university has cooperation with international scientific and educational centers that provides knowledge and exposure to students. The experienced staff at the university always strives to implement advanced teaching methodology that enhances clinical and interpersonal skills of the students.

Tuition Fee – 5700$/Year

Hostel and Mess Fee – 3000$/Year

One Time Charge – Included

Indian Processing Fee – 2500$

One Time Charges Include – Admission Letter, Invitation Letter, Visa Processing, Documents Apostle, Translation & Legalization and Airport Pick up, etc. 

Indian Processing Fee Include – Counseling Fee, Admission, Visa & Travel Assistance, one way Air Fare for Student & all consultancy related to student’s admission procedures.

Well-equipped rooms. Well-equipped washrooms. 24 by 7 electricity supply, Wi-Fi, and water is available. Guest rooms are available. Transportation facility is available. Sweepers regularly come to clean the rooms and washrooms. Indian wardens and emergency doctors are available 24/7. Reading room is available. Security is strict. Campus is all around surrounded with greenery and some chairs to sit. Timings are fixed to step outside to the hostel. For all the boys and girls hostels are separate.