Monno Medical College

established in 2011

Monno Welfare Foundation has established Monno Medical college to develop outstanding clinicians according to core competencies of patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning, communication, professionalism, and system-based practice. A unique combination of longitudinal mentorship, resident collegiality and patient-centered care provides a supportive environment that serves as the foundation for career advancement, scientific development, practice opportunity and leadership for a doctor. Medicine is a rewarding career; however , a doctor involves in a lifetime learning, both formally and informally. There are a large number of specialty career paths in medicine-with lot of career options available, a doctor is assured of finding a suitable career. The options may include; a surgeon, a physician, a cardiologist, a psychiatrist, a medical researcher or a public health physician to name a few.

Monno Medical College very much aware to conform to its vision. To make it as the “First Choice” for the student in terms of study environment, we are always in spur of developing academic facilities through integration of advanced study materials and aids. Our academic facilities includes:

Three Lecture Halls equipped with microphone system, OHP, Slide Projector and Whiteboard, Six Tutorial Rooms- 1-2 rooms for one department, Nine Laboratories- Histology-1, Phiology-1, Biochemistry-1, Phamacology-2, Pathology-2, Microbiology-2, provided with necessary equipment, microscope, histology slides, glass wares, reagents etc.

One Dissection Hall- providing arrangements of dissection on four cadavers at a time. It also has space for demonstration of 75 students divided into three groups in four corners. Four Museums- Anatomy-1, Pathology-1, Community Medicine-1 and one for Forensic Medicine which contains a adequate number of specimen, charts and models.

Total Fees in US$ – 39000$

1st Year Total Payment – 14000$

Hostel Fees – Included

Indian Processing Fee – 1500$

Indian processing fee Includes – Counseling Fee, Admission, Visa, Document Translation & Travel Assistance (including one way Air ticket) to the University, Assistance in all Local registration (including Police Registration), Medical Check up Assistance etc.


The college is facilitated with a ten storied building with three spacious lifts having a total floor space of 1, 22,000sq.ft. The area of college campus is more than 13 acres of land with a scenic beauty. A lake inside the campus has made it a visually lucrative place for all. Accommodation of the college includes:

• Two separate four storied teacher’s quarters

• A four storied Professor’s quarter


• Two different hostels with 250 Seats for boys & girls