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NEET Online Test

Human Health and Common Human Diseases (Understanding Diseases and Immune System)

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Which of the following disease is caused by a protozoan?

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The causal organism of Kala-azar is

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The combination of surgery, radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy can help to treat

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The interferons are

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Consider the following statements about ascariasis I. Eggs of parasite are excreted along with
contaminated water, soil and plants II. Infection takes place through contaminated vegetable fruits and
water. Choose the correct combination

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Spread of AIDS is due to

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An insect bite may result in inflammation of that spot. That is triggered by the alarm chemicals such

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Smack is chemically a …A… which is white and odourless and crystalline in nature. This is obtained
by …B… . Here A and B refers to

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The gland often referred in relation to AIDS is

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Immuno deficiency makes a person highly susceptible to infection. It is caused by

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The carnivorous fish used for eradication of mosquito larva in stagnated water is

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Those who take drugs intravenously develop a risk of

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Innate immunity is also called

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Which of the following health disorder includes symptoms of fever, chills, cough, headache, gray or
bluish lips and finger’s nails?

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The incubation period for hepatitis-B virus is

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Opium is extracted from

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AIDS is the condition where

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Choose the wrong statement

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The disease elephantiasis is caused by

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Which of the following is a pair of viral diseases?

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Your immune system helps to protect you against viruses and bacteria that can cause sickness. Which
cells are part of the immune system?

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The term ‘antibiotic’ was coined by

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Amoebiasis is prevented by

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Which among the following is an autoimmune disease?

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The immune system plays a major role in

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Mast cells have important role in the development of

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The ‘Christmas disease’ patient lacks antihaemophilic

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AIDS is caused by

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The filariasis pathogens are transmitted to a healthy person through the bite of

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Immunity gained after an infection is called

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Infection of pneumonia occurs due to

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The disease ‘Oriental sore’ is caused by

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Increased asthmatic attacks in certain seasons are related to

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Malignant tumours are I. mass of neoplastic cells II. cells that grow very rapidly and damaging the
surrounding normal tissue III. cells that show the property of metastisis Which of the statements given
above are correct?

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Which malaria parasite has longest incubation period?

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The drug useful to increase cardiovascular effects in human beings is

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Main source of amoebic dysentery is

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Human health can be maintained by

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Cannabis sativa is the source of

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Metastasis is associated with

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With regard to the transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Which one of the
following statements is not correct?

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Which of the following diseases is caused due to helminth infection?

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Cancerous cells spread through

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Interferon is a type of

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What is the name of complex formed at the time of action of T-cells?

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Tobacco consumption is known to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. The
component causing this could be

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Common symptoms of typhoid are

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Consider the following statements I. Secondary lymphoid organs includes lymph nodes, spleen and
small masses of lymph tissue such as Peyer’s patches, appendix and tonsils II. The secondary
lymphoid organs all the site of lymphocyte maturation and they efficiently trap antigens for exposure
to T and B-cells Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

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During an allergic reaction, the binding of antigens to IgE antibodies initiates a response, in which
chemicals cause the dilation of blood vessels and a host of other physiological changes. Such
chemicals are

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An autoimmune disease where the body’s own antibodies attack the cells of the thyroid is called

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How does antigen-determinant differ from antigen binding site?

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Which of the following diseases is caused due to allergic reaction?

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The inability to distinguish between self cells and non-self cells may lead to

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The immune system is made of

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Cell mediated immunity is mainly a function of

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Gonorrhea is caused by

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Cancer of the internal organs is detected by

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Cocaine is obtained from

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The Ig that mediates allergic reaction is

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Humoral immune system defends against viruses and bacteria is present in

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T-lymphocytes differentiate and matured in

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The full form of SCID is

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An uncontrolled division or proliferation of cells without any differentiation is called

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Which one of the following is useful in identifying the different strains of a causal microbe of an
infectious disease?

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Heroin is a

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Side effects of anabolic steroids in females include I. masculinization II. aggressiveness III. mood
swings, depression IV. abnormal menstrual cycle V. excessive facial and body hair Choose the correct

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The foetus receives immunoglobulin from their mother, through

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Food poisoning is caused by

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The rejection of organ transplanting in humans is prevented by using

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Interferon – β is also termed as

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Which of the following are considered as cellular barrier of the body?

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A condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue
is called

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Which one of the following pairs of diseases are viral as well as transmitted by mosquitoes?

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Active immunity may be acquired by

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The virus that cases Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) parasitizes in

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Which group of three of the following five statements (I-V) contains is correct regarding beri beri? I.
A crippling disease prevalent among the native population of sub-Sahara Africa. II. A deficiency
disease caused by lack of thiamine (vitamin-B1). III. A nutritional disorder in infants and young
children when the diet is persistantly deficient in essential protein. IV. Occurs in those countries where
the staple diet is polished rice. V. The symptoms are pain from neuritis, paralysis, muscle wasting,
progressive oedema, mental deterioration and finally heart failure.

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The study of body’s defence mechanism against pathogens and toxic molecules is known as

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Full form PMNL is

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In India, AIDS was reported in

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Some diseases are transmitted through contaminated articles. The method is called

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A drug called morphine is obtained from

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Rhinovirus causes

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‘Mammalian thymus’ is mainly concerned with

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Transformation of normal cell cancerous cell is induced by

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Human population growth is

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Which class of antibodies is abundant in body secretion

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The test, which is misused for identification of an unborn baby is

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Which of the given sets include lymphatic organs?

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Graft transplantation to save certain patients fails due to the rejection of such organs by the patient.
Which type of immune response is responsible for such type of rejection?

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HIV was reported in 1981 and isolated by

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AIDS virus contains

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The treatment of snake-bite by antivenin is an example of

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Cell division or mitosis is normal process in a living cell, but sudden and abnormal mitosis in an
organ will frequently result in

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Human immunodeficiency virus causes

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A sexually transmitted disease, symptomized by the development of ulcers on the genitals, is caused
by the infection of

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Broad spectrum antibiotic

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Which of the following is STD?

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In the cell mediated immuno response, T-lymphocytes divide and secrete

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Smoking results in …A… build up in the blood and reduce …B… delivery to the tissue.Here A and
B refers to

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Smoking causes

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Which of the following disease is caused by the member of retrovirus group?

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Proliferation of cancer cells is not limited because of

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The drugs, which are commonly abused are

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In a standard ECG, which one of the following alphabets is the correct representation of the
respective activity of human heart?

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Humoral immunity is also called as

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Cell-mediated immunity is responsible for

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LSD is derived from

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Antigen binds to antibody. The binding is result of

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Consider the statements given below regarding contraception and answer as directed thereafter I.
Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) during first trimester is generally safe. II. Generally,
chances of conception are nil until mother breast-feeds the infant upto two year. III. Intrauterine
devices like copper-T are effective contraceptives. IV. Contraception pills may be taken upto one
week after coitus to prevent conception. Which two of the above statements are correct?

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Who developed vaccine against smallpox?

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Which one of the following statements is correct?

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Amphetamines are the drugs of

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Genetic material found in Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV)is

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Match the correct combination

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Electric potential of the brain is recoreded by

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Which of the following provides immunity to digestive tract against antigen?

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In AIDS, the system which show failure is

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Virus-infected cells secrete proteins called

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In which of the following, optical fibres are used?

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Yersinia pestis is responsible for

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Note the following words. I. Skin II. Phagocytes III.B-cells IV. Inflammation V. Antibodies VI. Tcells VII. Fever VIII. Antimicrobial proteins IX. NK-cells X. Secretions Identify the factors involved
in second line of defence

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Aspirin is a/an

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Nicotine is

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In the immune system, interferons are part of

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A disease which can easily transmit from one person to another is called

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How many variable segments are present in the basic structure of antibody molecules?

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Which of these may cause hypothermia in humans?

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Morphine, obtained from opium, is

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Which of the following is related to humoral immunity?

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Antibodies are the glycoproteins which

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Study the following sentences. I. The cells of malignant tumours divide erratically. II. They are
malignant tumours of epithelial cells. III. They are malignant tumours of organs that originate from
mesoderm. IV. These tumours are found in organs such as spleen and lymph nodes. Which of the
above are true for angiosarcoma?

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In heavy smokers, the alveoil of the lungs are enlarged and damaged, which reduces the surface area
for the exchange of respiratory gases. The condition is called

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Which one of the following can help in the diagnosis of a genetical disorder?

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Which technique uses the body’s water molecules as the bases for its images?

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Which Ig is produced in primary immune response?

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World health organization has started a number of programmes to prevent spreading of HIV infection
Few such steps include I. ensuring use of disposable needles and syringes II. free distribution of
condoms III. advocating safe sex IV. controlling drug abuse Which of the steps given above are

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The polypeptide chains present in gamma immunoglobulin are

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Necessary steps for achieving good health are I. awareness about disease II. vaccination III. proper
disposal of wastes IV. maintenance of hygienic food and water resources V. Water resources The
correct combination having necessary steps is

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Physiological barrier which prevents entry of microorganism in our body is/are

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In the sigmoid curve of growth, the alphabets indicate the sequence of events. Choose the correct
option where the alphabet specifies the event.

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In recent years, which disease of digestive system in Indian has received great attention and against
that active vaccination is being done even in schools?

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Main barrier which prevents the entry of disease’s causing organism in our body is

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Mainly allergic reactions occur in

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Which of these is based on magnetic resonance?

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Which of the following is a matching pair of a drug and its category?

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Female infanticide is commonly reported from

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Cirrhosis is

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Which of the following elements is important to maintain structure of immunoglobulin?

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Which of the following is used in analysis of metabolic and physiological process of tissue?

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Vaccination protects a person from disease because it

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What is the most abundant and fastest chemical released by mast cell?

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Which one of the following is correctly matched?

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To obtain a standard ECG, a patient is connected to the machine with three electrodes

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The primary and secondary immune responses are carried out with the help of

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BCG vaccine is used against

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Symptoms of allergic reaction includes

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Regarding pathogens consider the following statements I. A pathogen or an infectious agent is a
microorganism, such as a virus, bacterium, fungus that causes disease in its host II. These pathogens
multiply in our body and interfere with the normal vital activities, resulting in morphological and
functional damage Which of the following statement (s) is/are correct?

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The immune system may at times reject certain tissues of a person’s own body as ‘non-self’. This
breakdown of the body’s self-recognition system is called …A… The auto-immune reactions cause a
variety of diseases known as ….B… . …C… is an autoimmune disease. The most appropriate option
providing A, B and C correctly is

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Most important component of oral contraceptive is

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Which of the following options is not appropriate for anxiety disorder?

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The synthetic drugs structually similar to adrenaline are

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Haemozoin is released into blood during the infection of Plasmodium vivax at every

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Secondary metabolite is

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Which one of the following is used for external application in the cure of leprosy?

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Charas and ganja generally taken by

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Which one of the followin pairs is not correctly matched?

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Health is affected by I. genetic disorders II. infections III. life style Which of the key words given
above are correct?

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After drinking alcohol, a person walks clumsily because, the alcohol affects his

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Tumour viruses or cancer causing viruses called …A… have …B… . Here A and B refers to

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Bone marrow is the site for the development and maturation of

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Cyclosporin A, which is used as an immunosuppressive agent, is produced by

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The AIDS test is known as

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SCID is caused by defective gene coding for the enzyme called

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Which one of the following diseases is caused by virus?

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Nicotine intake stimulates the …A… to release …B… and …C… into blood circulation. This lead to
increase in …D… and an increase …E…Here A and E refers to .

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Benign tumour is the one, which

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Transmission of HIV infection from infected mother to her child occurs through

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Biolistic technique is used in

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Which of the following is a protozoan disease?

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Which one of the following is not the property of cancerous cells?

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Acquired immunity is due to

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Secondary lymphoid organs include

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Short lived immunity acquired from mother to foetus across placenta or through mother’s milk to the
infant is categorized as

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Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

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Ringworm is caused by

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The pathogen of typhoid is directly transmitted through

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In the metropolitan cities of India, many children are suffering from allergy or asthma. What are the
main causes of this problem? I. Due to sensitivity to the environment II. Because of the protected
environment provided early in life III. Modern-day life style

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Which of the following is a viral disease?

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Cancer cells are more easily damaged by radiation than normal cells because they are

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) I. belongs to the group retrovirus II. has RNA genome
enclosed in an envelope Which of the statements given above are correct?

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The thymus is a lobed organ located near the …A… and beneath the …B… . The most appropriate
combination for A and B is

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Benign tumours I. remain confined to their original location and do not spread to other parts II. cause
little damage Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

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Consider the following statements about biomedical technologies. I. During open heart surgery, blood
is circulated in the heart-lung machine. II. Blockage in coronary arteries is removed by angiography.
III. Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT) shows detailed internal structure as seen in a section of
body. IV. X-ray provides clear and detailed images of organs like prostate glands and lungs. Which
two of the above statements are correct?

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Which one of the following statements is correct with respect to AIDS?

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Smack is a drug obtained from the

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The uncontrolled proliferation of cancerous cells produces masses of cells, called

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Rabies is caused by

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