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CBSE-12th Result 87.33% Students Pass

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) finally announced the long-awaited CBSE-12th result on Friday. This year, a stunning 87.33% of pupils passed the test successfully, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. The outcomes demonstrate the commitment and effort put forth by students during the academic year. Both the youngsters and their families should be quite proud of themselves.

Girls excel over boys.

The findings show an intriguing trend in gender-based performance. 90.68% of the chosen candidates are female, compared to 84.67% of the male applicants. This suggests that girls have fared impressively better than boys by a margin of 6.01%. These young women’s accomplishments merit acclaim and celebration.

Regional Toppers

The CBSE-12th results have also drawn attention to the exceptional results of several parts of the nation. With an incredible pass rate of 99.91%, the Trivandrum region has taken the top spot. Chennai takes third place with 97.40%, closely followed by Bangalore in second place with 98.64%. Delhi West is in fourth position with 93.24%, and Delhi is in fifth with a 91.84% pass rate. These areas have established an admirable standard for academic performance.


Students pass rates across regions

Zone  Percentage
Trivendrum 99.91
Bangluru 98.64
Chennai 97.40
Delhi West 93.24
Chandigarh  91.84
Delhi East 91.50
Ajmer 89.27
Pune 87.28
Panchkula  86.93
Patna 85.47
Bhubaneshwar 83.89
Guwahati98. 83.73
Bhopal 83.54
Noida 80.36
Dehradun 80.26
Prayagraj 78.05


3 Major Adjustments to Prevent Unhealthy Competition

The CBSE has adopted three key reforms to foster a healthy learning environment and deter brutal competition:

1. First, Second, and Third Division Information Absent

The CBSE has chosen not to reveal the performance of students by division with the results announcement. This change intends to ensure that students concentrate on their personal development rather on rankings, so reducing the excessive pressure and unhealthy competitiveness associated with divisions.

2. No Merit List Was Disclosed

A merit list has also been withheld by the CBSE in addition to division information. They want to accomplish this by refocusing attention away from competitiveness among high scorers and towards each student’s overall development. Through this action, kids are encouraged to pursue information and skills without feeling pressure to achieve better than their peers.

3. Certificates of Merit by Subject

The top 0.1% of students in each subject are recognised by the CBSE for their remarkable performance despite the lack of an overall merit ranking. These top students will get merit awards in recognition of their exceptional abilities and commitment to the chosen topics. Students will be motivated by this acknowledgment to excel in their chosen fields and enthusiastically follow their passions.

Possibilities for Growth and a Second Chance

Sanyam Bhardwaj, the test controller for CBSE, has emphasised the board’s dedication to offering chances for development. Students who have passed but would like to improve their grades in any one topic will have the opportunity to take a supplementary exam and raise their scores. Students have the chance to pursue excellence and realise their full potential.

Similar to this, students who received less than 33% in any of the five subjects must show up for a compartment exam in July. Students have an additional opportunity to fill in the comprehension gaps and earn a passing grade.

Introduction to Supplementary Examination and Result Procedures

Following the announcement of the CBSE 12th grade results, it became known that 1,25,705 students would be taking the supplemental (compartment) exam. Students have the opportunity to raise their marks in particular courses on this test. The CBSE has also put in place rules for services relating to results, like photocopying and reassessment. 

Additional (Compartment) Testing

Students who weren’t able to acquire the passing marks in one or more topics have the opportunity to take the supplemental (compartment) test, which is offered by the CBSE. It enables people to retake the test and raise their marks. This test is vital in assisting students in continuing their study and saving a year.

Photocopying and Revaluation as a Result

Beginning on May 16, students can have their test results photocopied and reevaluated. The board has also revealed the date for the exams in 2024. These tests will begin on February 15, 2024.

Date of the Exams in 2024

The test date for 2024 has been officially confirmed by the CBSE. The first day of these tests is set for February 15, 2024. It is recommended that students who will be taking these exams begin their preparations well in advance to ensure success.