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High Court Judgment in favor of Medical College

Court: Students have to pay their fees as per order of Uttarakhand High Court

Dehradun. The High Court, Nainital on Wednesday gave its verdict in favor of SGRR Medical College on the matter related to fee fixation at the Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical and Health Sciences. 

According to a recent court ruling, MBBS students at SGRR Medical College in Dehradun must pay the fees prescribed by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee. The court has ordered students to pay the first installment of 30% of the fixed fees immediately, with the remaining fees to be paid in three installments. Previously, a group of students, parents, and protesters had staged an unauthorized sit-in protest at the college gate against the committee’s decision on fee fixation.


The officials of SGRR Medical College and senior administrative officers in Doon managed to end the picket by educating the protesters on the rules and legal procedures surrounding the fees set by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee. Following this, the medical students and their guardians approached the Nainital High Court. The court ruled in favor of SGRR Medical College and ordered the students to pay the prescribed fees.

During the counseling of the 2018 batch of MBBS students, it is important to note that the fees for the program were not set in stone. As a representative of the state government, Om Prakash, the Additional Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand, issued a letter stating that the fees being paid by the students at that time were only a temporary arrangement and subject to change.


The medical students were cognizant of this situation, and thus they signed a declaration on a stamp paper worth Rs. 100 stating their commitment to pay the fees determined by the State Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee in accordance with the guidelines of the Honorable High Court. However, despite the fees being fixed by the committee, some students and their guardians staged a protest at the entrance of SGRR Medical College.


The individuals who protested at the entrance of Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical and Health Sciences should be criticized for their actions. While the students of the medical college are our own children, everyone should respect boundaries and maintain their dignity. Some students and their parents at SGRR Medical College made a grave mistake by being influenced by misinformation, rumors, and negative influences. They should have considered the fact that behaving inappropriately towards the institution of education where they are receiving knowledge and experience will only tarnish their reputation. This incident serves as an example for those who recklessly challenge established laws and decisions without proper consideration.