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Doctors are permitted to take the DNB-PDCET-2023 exam.

Three Doctors who are currently practising have been given permission to take the Diplomate National Board-Post Diploma Centralised Entrance Test (DNB-PDCET 2023) planned for April 23, 2023, according to a recent judgement by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay Bench in Aurangabad.


The petitioners, who held the M.B.B.S. degree and were enrolled in the Diploma in Medical Radiology and Electrology course (DMER) offered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) in Mumbai from October 17, 2017, to February 12, 2018, had included clauses in their petitions asking for the necessary admit cards to appear in the DNB-PDCET-2023 exam.


Guidelines for candidates who have passed the final examination leading to the award of a Post Graduate Diploma from Indian Universities recognised as per provisions of the NMC Act 2019 and the Indian Medical Council Act 1956, which was repealed, are included in the eligibility criteria for the DNB-PDCET 2023 examination.


By the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s announcement dated 22.01.2018, 36 diploma programmes offered by CPS-Mumbai, including DMRE, lost their recognition. In a later clarification dated October 18,2022, the government stated that students who had earned a diploma from CPS Mumbai or other comparable delisted institutions between October 17, 2017, and February 12, 2018, would be considered to have earned the recognised DMRE qualification.


The 36 CPS Mumbai diploma courses that were de-recognized by notification dated 12.02.2018, according to a clarification note from the Honorary Executive Director, will still be regarded as having been recognised from 17.10.2017 to 12.02.2018. The petitioners were thus eligible to take the DNB-PDCET-2023 test.


The High Court granted the petitioners’ requests to appear for the exam after hearing the arguments made by the knowledgeable Advocates for the opposing parties. It also ordered the relevant agency to give the petitioners’ required admit cards. The petitioners’ ability to pursue their professions in medical science and contribute to the country with their knowledge will be made possible by the ruling.


Three petitioners who obtained diploma course credentials from the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) in Mumbai between 17.10.2017 and 12.02.2018 have been given permission by the Bombay High Court to take the exam scheduled for April 23, 2023. In a related case, Anita Kishanrao Videkar v. Union of India, the petitioner was given permission to take the same exam in 2021, hence that case’s outcome was considered when making this choice.


The learned DSGI waived service of notice on behalf of Respondent No. 1 after the court gave notice to the respondents with a return deadline of June 30, 2023. Additionally, the service of notice was waived by Mr. N.S. Choudhary and Mr. S.K. Kadam on behalf of Respondents Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.


The three petitioners’ diploma course qualifications had been certified a recognised course, thus the court permitted them to show up for the exam. The petitioners’ admit cards were to be issued quickly by the responses, and they were to make sure that nothing would prevent them from showing up for the test.


The court further noted that a Committee headed by DGHS and composed of seven members had been established by the relevant authorities to study the matter of derecognition of courses offered by CPS, Mumbai.


The three petitioners received relief from the Bombay High Court’s ruling, which also established a standard for situations like theirs in the future. The significance of recognising credentials obtained by students in good faith is emphasised, as is the requirement for fast resolution of problems relating to the recognition of educational institutions and programmes. The creation of the Committee by the relevant authorities is also a step in the right direction for dealing with these problems quickly and effectively.