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NMC Approves New Medical College in Odisha

The National Medical Commission’s Medical Assessment & Rating Board (MARB) has approved the building of a new medical college in Odisha, which is a significant development for medical education in the state. The DRIEMS Institute of Health Sciences and Hospital is located in Cuttack and is administered by Utkal University in Bhubaneswar. This permission gives prospective medical students optimism because the college would offer 100 MBBS seats, allowing them to pursue their goals of becoming doctors.

Approval Procedure

The MARB approved the creation of DRIEMS Institute of Health Sciences and Hospital after a thorough evaluation. The assessment report dated February 7, 2023, as well as the physical compliance verification assessments report dated May 22, 2023, were critical in the approval procedure. Furthermore, the college was required to make an undertaking recognising all of the terms and conditions outlined in the letter of intent dated May 24, 2023.

Compliance and Recognition

While the creation of the institution has been approved, it is critical that the authorities seek acknowledgement of the qualification under section 35(2) of the Indian Medical Council (IMC) Act. The National Medical Commission will seek recognition at the first batch’s final assessment. It is critical to follow the guidelines established by the National Medical Commission (NMC). Throughout the academic year, this requires maintaining adequate infrastructure, including physical and human resources, teaching faculty, and clinical content.

Misconduct’s Consequences

The National Medical Commission has issued clear instructions about false assertions or forged documents used to seek MARB approval. If such misbehavior is uncovered during surprise assessments or brought to the National Medical Commission’s attention, the institution will not be considered for degree recognition. This highlights the significance of honesty and compliance with rules in the medical education sector.

Requirements that must be met

The institute must create a biometric attendance system and a website to provide information openness and accessibility. The website should provide detailed information about the college, such as the courses offered, available teachers, and their experience over the previous five years. It should also include information about the students who have enrolled at the college and the university with which it is affiliated. Furthermore, hospital services, facilities, and equipment in each speciality should be provided, as well as outpatient (OP) and inpatient (IP) census statistics, including births and deaths from municipal or government records.