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Appointment of Principals in 12 New Medical Colleges

The selection of principals for 12 new medical colleges located around India has been announced, which is a big development for the healthcare sector. These appointments are significant because the principals will have a major impact on how these medical colleges are run and how they educate their students. Given the candidates’ knowledge and experience, the selection process was demanding.


The choice of principals for medical colleges will have a significant impact on how medical education and treatment are provided in the future. Effective leadership and guidance for the institution are the responsibilities of the principals. They are essential to upholding and raising academic standards, creating a supportive learning environment, and assuring the college’s general development.


The new principals bring a plethora of information, skill, and experience to their positions. They are supposed to lead the colleges towards greatness by applying their extensive knowledge of medical education and administration. To foster an atmosphere that encourages academic quality, research, and innovation, they collaborate closely with teachers, staff, and students.


Principals are also in charge of creating partnerships with medical facilities and research organisations, supporting the accreditation process, and making sure that regulatory standards are followed. They serve as a link between higher education and the healthcare sector, cultivating alliances that are advantageous to students in terms of hands-on learning, internships, and future employment prospects.


Additionally, the principals play a crucial role in cultivating a culture of continuous learning, supporting professional development opportunities, and luring and keeping highly qualified teachers. In order to prepare students for the challenges of a constantly changing medical landscape, they are expected to adopt strategic plans that are in line with the changing needs of the healthcare sector.

Let’s check out the chosen candidates, their titles, departments, and new positions as principals in the corresponding medical colleges in more detail.


  1. Dr. Reena Sharma – Professor, Obs & Gynae, Autonomous State Medical College, Ayodhya – Autonomous State Medical College, Amethi
  2. Dr. Arvind Singh Kushwaha – Professor, Community Medicine, AIIMS Nagpur – Autonomous State Medical College, Auraiya
  3. Dr. Sajjan Lal Verma – Professor, Physiology, Autonomous State Medical College, Deoria – Autonomous State Medical College, Kanpur Dehat
  4. Dr. Rakesh Kumar – Professor, General Medicine, Government Medical College, Kannauj – Autonomous State Medical College, Kushinagar
  5. Dr. Dhananjay Shrikant kotasthane – Professor and Head of Department, Pathology, Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi (Non-Political) – Autonomous State Medical College, Gonda
  6. Dr. Col. Rajat Srivastava – Professor, Community Medicine, Army College of Medical Sciences, Delhi Cantt, Delhi – Autonomous State Medical College, Pilibhit
  7. Dr. Manisha Jindal – Professor & Head of Department, Physiology, School of Medical Sciences and Research, Sharda University, Noida (Non-Political) – Autonomous State Medical College, Bulandsheher
  8. Dr. Urmila Karya – Professor and Head of the Department, Obs and Gynae, L.L.R.M. Medical College, Meerut – Autonomous State Medical College, Bijnor
  9. Dr. Shailesh Kumar Goyal – Professor and Head of Department, S.P.M., Dr. B.S.A. Medical College, Rohini, Delhi – Bijnor Autonomous State Medical College, Lakhimpur Kheri
  10. Dr. Dwijendra Nath – Professor, Pathology, LMB Medical College Jhansi, Acting Principal, Government Medical College, Jalaun – Autonomous State Medical College, Lalitpur
  11. Dr. Salil Kumar Srivastava – Professor and Head of Department, Pharmacology, Autonomous State Medical College, Pratapgarh / Acting Principal, Autonomous State Medical College, Pratapgarh – Autonomous State Medical College, Sultanpur
  12. Dr. Suresh Kumar Singh – Professor, Community Medicine, Autonomous State Medical College, Basti – Sonbhadra


Selecting principals for medical colleges is a critical step in assuring the delivery of top-notch medical education and fostering the development of future medical professionals. These leaders are essential to the development of the institution’s identity, the promotion of academic achievement, and the general improvement of healthcare in the area they serve.