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Bihar to fix fees for MBBS in five private colleges for 2021-26

The state health department’s fee regulation council has set the cost for MBBS courses at five private medical institutions, which may be a relief to Bihar’s aspirant medical students. For the academic year 2021–2026, the revised price structure—which includes the tuition fee and the development charge—ranges from Rs 7.98 lakh to Rs 15.50 lakh.


It is crucial to remember that the mess fee, non-resident transportation price, and hostel fee will be determined by the institution’s rate submission to the decision-making committee. During the admissions period, the institutes must refund any additional funds they may have received for the previous academic session.


Radha Devi Jageshwari Medical College in Muzaffarpur will collect a price of Rs 7.98 lakh for each academic session, which includes Rs 6.94 lakh as tuition fee and Rs 1.04 lakh as development charge, according to the press release issued by the government. While Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College and Hospital in Saharsa will charge a total of Rs 12 lakh, Shri Narayan Medical Institute and Hospital at Bherdari in the Saharsa district will charge a total of Rs 13 lakh.


The cost for one academic session at Netaji Subhash Medical College and Hospital in Bihta will be Rs 15.50 lakh. In a similar vein, Madhubani Medical College would charge a total of Rs. 9.53 lakh.


The department said in a press release that Radha Devi Jageshwari Medical College in Muzaffarpur would collect a fee of Aspiring medical students in Bihar, who have been burdened by exorbitant tuition at private medical colleges, are anticipated to experience some relief as a result of the amended fee structure. The action will support the promotion of accessible and inexpensive medical education in the state.


It is crucial to remember that medical education is an integral component of the healthcare system, and that everyone should be able to access it and afford it. The government’s attempts to control tuition at private medical schools will significantly advance medical education equity and guarantee that students from all backgrounds have access to high-quality instruction.


The decision to fix the cost of the MBBS programme at five private medical colleges by the state health department’s fee regulating committee is a move in the right direction towards promoting accessible and reasonable medical education in Bihar. Thousands of prospective medical students in the state are anticipated to gain from the decision, which will guarantee their access to a high-quality education free from financial burdens.