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Jaunpur Medical College receives approval from NMC to extend its licence.

Jaunpur: The National Medical Commission (NMC) has accepted the renewal of the licence for Jaunpur Medical College, which is excellent news for Uttar Pradesh’s medical aspirants. When District Magistrate Manish Kumar Verma and Superintendent of Police Dr. Ajay Pal showed up at the college for a random check, Professor (Dr.) Shiv Kumar, the Medical College’s principal, notified them of this knowledge.


Dr. Shiv Kumar said that the third MBBS batch’s enrollment has been allowed by NMC, the top regulating organisation for medical training.

The state government oversees the operation of the Uma Nath Singh Autonomous State Medical College, formerly known as Government Medical College, Jaunpur, which is situated in the Uttar Pradesh district of Jaunpur.

According to previous reports, the National Medical Commission (NMC) approved the medical college in Jaunpur in 2021. Inaugurating GMC Jaunpur in 2021, along with eight other medical schools, was Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


According to a recent media report by Live Hindustan, the institute’s principal, Dr. Shiv Kumar, assured DM Verma and SP Dr. Ajay Pal during their unexpected visit that the NMC had approved the admission of the third MBBS batch.

DM Verma also gave instructions for finishing the work of the hospital building for 150 beds, along with OT, incomplete construction works of the administrative building, the pathology department, and the community medicine department located on the fourth floor of the academic building, during the inspection.


Dr. Shivkumar reported that the Commission instructed the Commission during the on-site inspection by NMC on February 13, 2023, that the institute needs one 250-seat examination hall, one 250 seat seminar room, housing for senior/junior residents on the campus, housing for 300 students in the girls’ and boys’ hostels, along with type-2(A), type-2(D), an intern hostel with 50 beds, and compliance with the NMC standard. Also, it’s crucial to finish building the college’s exterior wall and main road.


Taking notice of everything, the District Magistrate gave the college’s executive body severe directions for finishing the aforementioned building projects. He also stated that the projects should be finished as soon as possible in accordance with NMC standards. The District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police also spoke with the 100 medical students in LT Hall 01, and after learning about their issues, they gave the appropriate authorities instructions. Also, they inquired about the kids’ administrative, educational, and social experiences.

Punjab has a shortage of doctors; MBBS and MD graduates will be hired at a government hospital

Chandigarh: The Health, Medical Education, and Research Minister, Dr. Balbir Singh, clarified before the State Assembly that newly graduated specialist doctors will offer their services in the government hospitals after completing the postgraduate medical courses. He was referring to the state’s shortage of specialists.

The state’s health minister further emphasised how the previous administration failed to ensure that PG medical graduates from government medical colleges offered their services to government-run hospitals for a period of time and that the bond penalty amount was not collected from them.


The Health Minister also revealed that from 2020 until the present, a total of 701 MD graduates had worked in government institutions after sharing statistics on medical students who received their MD and MBBS degrees.

The State Health Minister also disclosed that 57 doctors had to pay back Rs 6,47,17140 for failing to provide services to the government.

The Health Minister made these pronouncements at a time when some hospitals in the state are experiencing a speciality doctor shortage. Of the 119 authorised positions, 50 vacancies in Phagwara civil hospitals were previously reported by Medical Dialogues. In the instance of the doctor positions, 14 of the 36 authorised positions remained unfilled.


A lack of specialised physicians was also present at Nakodar Civil Hospital in Punjab, where open positions included those for a surgeon, an ENT specialist, a radiology expert, an anaesthetist, a pathologist, and two medical officer positions.

According to the most recent media report by Amar Ujala, the Health Minister acknowledged that there is a shortage of health providers in various hospitals throughout the province and stated that the government is compiling information on the hospitals in every area during the question period in the House on Monday during the Punjab Legislative Assembly’s budget session. He added that doctors would soon be hired for all government hospitals in accordance with their needs.


The Health Minister also told the House that 380 students finish their post-graduate medical studies each year. These PG medical graduates sign the bond at the time of admission, but they don’t follow the terms of the bond; thus, after receiving their degree, they go to private hospitals. In reference to this, Dinesh Chadha, an AAP MLA from Ropar, highlighted how, in the previous ten years, the government authorities had failed to ensure that the PG medical graduates from the state’s government medical colleges provided their services to government-run hospitals for a short period of time. He further said that the state should take action against the government officials who helped these doctors transfer to private hospitals and receive lucrative salaries.


The Health Minister was quoted by Indian Express as saying, “In reference to the fact that the PG medical graduates must serve the government for two years or pay Rs 15 lakh, the previous administrations failed to ensure that these doctors performed their services in state-run hospitals and failed to collect the money owed to them. Negligence in a criminal matter “From 57 doctors who did not work for the government, we have recovered Rs 6.47 crore, and we will continue to recover money from other doctors as well.”


According to The Times of India, the minister promised that the AAP government will make sure that there is never a shortage of specialists in the state. In order to address the physician shortage, he further guaranteed that these expert doctors would provide their services at government hospitals after completing their postgraduate medical training. He continued by pointing out that not a single medical college had opened in the state in the previous 40 years, but that the state government was now building four such institutions.


The Congress MLA Amarinder Singh Raja Warding, meanwhile, made reference to the lack of a doctor at the government hospital in Gidderbaha and emphasised that the facility had seven approved doctor roles. The Health Minister took note of this and promised that he would demonstrate the situation so that doctors would soon be hired at the hospital.